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What is GRAND’s investment philosophy?

  1. Index investing: We know that investing in the market works. This is clear by the rise of index investing over the last several years. In fact, 82% of all actively managed funds have underperformed the market/indexes over the last 15 years. We eliminate manager risk and the egregious manager expenses that reduce the return on your money.
  2. Simple diversification: We expand the number of asset classes in your portfolio to reduce risk. Having the most appropriate asset allocation for your goal enables investors to capture market forces while reducing uncompensated risks.
  3. Smart indexing: We go a step beyond market capitalization based indexes by taking advantage of higher returns to small cap and value priced equities. Until recently smart index funds simply weren’t available, except to institutional investors. Today, though, it’s possible through a growing group of “smart” index funds and ETFs.
  4. Advanced allocation: We go a step beyond “naïve” diversification using a technique called “mean variance optimization.” It helps us determine the highest return for the least risk from any given group of asset classes. The result is risk-calibrated portfolios that work for you.

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