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GRAND Prizes

GRAND is all about the prizes after all. Doesn’t it feel good to be rewarded for being smart with your money? Why would you ever save any other way?

How much could I win with GRAND?

GRAND is committed to giving away life changing amounts of money each week. Our biggest prizes go all the way up to $25,000...
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How do I get my prize money?

We make it as easy as possible. When you win money with us, we will deposit your winnings directly into your GRAND account...
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What are my chances of winning?

The answer is simple. Your odds of winning vary every week based on the number of eligible entries we receive...
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How does GRAND pick a winner?

Grand makes a random selection from the eligible entries at the time of the drawing. The number of entries you have in each drawing...
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Do I have to pay taxes on my prize money?

Yes, any winnings you get from GRAND should be reported to the IRS as normal income when you are doing your taxes each year...
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Where can I find the official rules?

The official rules for all GRAND sweepstakes can be found...
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No Purchase Necessary. For Official Rules and alternative method of entry click here.